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Arrival. - canadiandag
Dag had always known he would eventually be abducted. He'd been mentally preparing himself for this day for a long time. The good news was, there wasn't an anal probe in site. But, on second thought, that was sort of a disappointment. The anal probe was so classic, so romantic in its humble little way. But c'est la vie.

Dag noticed a desk with a woman behind it and approached her. "Greetings, my new alien master," he said. Then he added, to be more accurate, "Mistress."

Yente looked up at him. She was about to correct him and say that she wasn't exactly an alien mistress, when she realized that it wasn't too far off. So she simply said, "Welcome to The Match Hotel, where if we don't find you a catch, you won't be released."

Dag grinned widely. "What a delightful motto, your supremeness."

Yente smiled back. "Why, thank you," she said. Most people were so busy being distressed they didn't even appreciate her way with words. "Basically, how this works is, you'll be living in this hotel and going on dates with various people until you find the love of your life."

Dag nodded. "Sounds like a reasonable arrangement. Can I have my room key?"

Yente happily handed him his room key.

"Now," Dag said, pocketing the key, "Where can I find the anal probes?"
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