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Spoken by Dag: 1. "I don't know, Andy, whether I feel more that I… - canadiandag
Spoken by Dag:
1. "I don't know, Andy, whether I feel more that I want to punish some aging crock for fittering away my world, or whether I'm just upset that the world has gotten too big- way beyond our capacity to tell stories about it, and so all we're stuck with are these blips and chunks and snippets on bumpers."
2. "I firmly believe that everybody on earth has a deep, dark secret that they'll never tell another soul as long as they live. Their wife, their husband, their lover, or their priest. Never."
3. "Dykes just love Crystalle, you know. So active. So sporty."
4. "I don't think I was a likable guy. I was actually one of those putzes you see driving a sports car down to the financial district every morning with the roof down and a baseball cap on his head, cocksure and pleased with how frisky and complete he looks."
5. "I liked Margaret. She tries hard. She's older, and attractive in a hair-spray-and-shoulder-pads-twice-divorced survivor kind of way."
6. "I remember watching Lake Erie freeze over a period of days from Matthew's apartment window and thinking how corny but apt the sight was."
7. "Stop being so quiet. It's your turn to tell a story, and do me a favor, babe- give me a dose of celebrity content."

Spoken about Dag:
1. "Dag and Claire never fell in love, either. I guess that would just be too easy."
2. "He's obviously just Dagged-out someplace, possibly crossing the border at Mexicali and off to write heroic couplets out among the saguaro, or maybe he's in L.A., learning about CAD systems or making a black-and-white super-8 movie."
3. "Dag has just driven in and looks like something the doggies pulled out of the dumpsters of Cathedral City. His normally pink cheeks are a dove gray, and his chestnut hair has the demented mussed look of a random sniper poking his head out from a burger joint and yelling, 'I'll never surrender.'"
4. "Dag is still asleep on Claire's sofa, unaware of how deeply he has plunged on her shit list."
5. "Dag's actually being generous about the plutonium matter, but he did have to make a psychic trade-off, and now he has to pretend he doesn't mind Claire and Tobias copulating in his bedroom, staining his sheets, dealphabetizing his cassette tapes, and looting his Kelvinator of citrus products."
6. "Dag is upset that Elvissa gave him not one shred of attention today."
7. "For atmosphere Dag has placed a cheesy red light bulb in the table counter's light socket and he's mixing dreadful drinks with dreadful names that he learned from the invading teens of last spring's break."
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